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Who will lead renewed Russia's Supreme Court?
By the end of the summer, Russia’s Supreme Commercial Court will cease to exist. The court’s powers will be transferred in their entirety to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation under a federal law that entered into force on February 5. While the applicants gather documents and prepare for the Qualifications Board and the personnel department of the Presidential Executive Office and the Federation Council, RAPSI examines the most likely candidates.
Juries in Russian Commercial Courts: details of the initiative
Anton Ivanov, Chairman of the Supreme Commercial Court, wants elements of a jury trial introduced into the commercial litigation process. The initiative was announced at an Expert Council meeting held by Boris Titov, the Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights. The response of the experts at the meeting led Ivanov to conclude that an appropriate law should be drafted. However, although the initiative’s strategic aim is to increase trust in the judiciary and in commercial courts by increasing the public’s role in rulings, experts voiced skepticism about the idea in a conversation with RAPSI.