MOSCOW, November 23 - RAPSI. The Supreme Commercial Court has proposed amending the system for imposing fines, the Vedomosti daily has reported on Friday.

Individuals who agree with the fine amount will only have to pay half within a given time frame. Meanwhile, individuals who oppose the fine amount in court, lose their case, or fail to pay will do compulsory community service or be arrested.

Chairman Anatoly Ivanov has proposed measures to get individuals who have been convicted of crimes to pay their fines as soon as possible. If an individual accepts his guilt, then he would only have to pay half the fine amount according to the proposed system, he said.

However, if an individual disputes his guilt under the new system and a ruling has been issued to attract him to administrative liability, then he would no longer have the right to a reduced fine.

At the same time, the Supreme Commercial Court proposes toughening the punishment for individuals who do not pay fines after the corresponding ruling comes into effect, he said. This could mean the automatic substitution of a fine for an administrative arrest, compulsory community service,or disqualification for officials, the court chairman stressed.