MOSCOW, May 19 (RAPSI) – Supreme Commercial Court Chairman Anton Ivanov received the highest income among judges in Russia last year, RBC announced on Monday.

According to information posted on the court’s website, last year Ivanov earned 13.03 million rubles ($374,610). The income of Valery Zorkin, head of the Constitutional Court, was 10.4 million rubles ($299,020), and Vyacheslav Lebedev, chairman of the Supreme Court, received 8.8 million rubles ($253,020).

Anton Ivanov has an 83.2-square-meter flat and a 350-square-meter dacha. He co-owns a Mercedes-Benz with his spouse.

Ivanov’s wife earned 2.315 million rubles ($66,560) last year. She owns two flats: an 84.5-square-meter flat in Russia and a 161.9-square-meter flat in Latvia.

Last year, the income of Russian judges increased following the adoption of a new salary system in December 2012. Under Federal Law No. 69, judges’ salaries are calculated based on the monthly salary of the Constitutional Court chairman, which is 32,700 rubles ($940). Judges also receive salary markups and other additional compensation.

Despite the increased incomes, Russian judges receive less than their colleagues in Europe or the United States. “Judges receive EUR 7,000-8,000 in Europe and upwards of $10,000 in the United States,” attorney Andrei Knyazev said.

Unlike their American colleagues, Russian judges receive a one-time payment upon retirement and a monthly pension ranging from 70% to 80% of their salary, Knyazev said.