MOSCOW, February 21 - RAPSI, Sergei Feklyunin. It is unreasonable to establish a system of administrative courts without reducing the amount of disputes to be resolved there, the Supreme Commercial Court Chairman Anton Ivanov said.

"If we establish a system of administrative courts with the current amount of administrative cases we will be drowned," Ivanov said at a meeting at the Central House of Journalists.

He said that there are several millions of such cases now. According to some estimates, the figure amounts to five million.

Ivanov believes the administrative authorities need to stop going to courts to bring citizens to administrative responsibility.

Ivanov said that majority of such cases are to recover transport and land tax arrears amounting to 90 ($3.01), 100 ($3.35) or 200 rubles ($6.07).

"Administrative authorities refer to courts to collect fines. We need to change it - the authorities should make decisions and citizens contest them if they want. Then the system will be trelieved of 90 percent of such cases," he said.