MOSCOW, January 30 - RAPSI. Dmitry Vinogradov, who has been charged with killing six of his colleagues, has been declared criminally sane following his psychological assessment, the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper reports, citing a source.

The paper reports that Vinogradov has not shown any regret over the two months he has spent in detention. It also writes that the other detainees have not acted aggressively towards him.

Vinogradov, who is widely referred to as "the Russian Breivik," used two semiautomatic shotguns to shoot his colleagues while at their desks. Five died in the attack, and the sixth died in hospital.

Before the shooting, Vinogradov posted a manifesto on his social network page, detailing his disgust with society and comparing humanity to cancer. He said that both humanity and cancer destroy everything in their path.

Vinogradov wrote that humankind has defied the laws of nature in its relentless quest for eternal life and this has been a slap in the face of natural selection. Thus, not only have we lost sight of genetic weakness, but we have even encouraged its perpetuation under the guises of "humanity" and "tolerance," he wrote.

The psychological and linguistic assessments of the text state that it contains appeals for a mass extermination of humanity and justifications for this, reads the Prosecutor's Office's press release.

Vinogradov has been charged under several articles of the Criminal Code, including murder, which stipulates life imprisonment.