MOSCOW, December 11 - RAPSI. The first results of the psychiatric examination of lawyer Dmitry Vinogradov, who killed six colleagues in Moscow, may be ready by New Year, a law enforcement source told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

The investigators said that he did not seem sane after his capture, and scheduled a psychiatric examination.

"The expertise takes no less than one month," the source said. "I believe we will get the results by New Year."

In late November, the Investigative Committee said the forensic psychiatric expert examination will be held at the Serbsky Institute, which specializes in forensic psychiatry.

Investigators reported that Vinogradov, 30, fresh from a five-day drinking binge, opened fire from two semi-automatic shotguns on his colleagues while they were sitting at their desks. Five died in the attack, and a sixth died in the hospital.

Before the shooting, Vinogradov posted a manifesto on his social networking page, detailing his disgust with society.

He explores the parallels between humanity and cancer cells, explaining that both destroy everything in their paths, the path of the former being the planet.

A criminal case on group murder and attempted murder was initiated. He faces life imprisonment.