MOSCOW, February 17 (RAPSI) – Tupolev aircraft manufacturer has lodged a cassation petition challenging a decision of Russia’s Intellectual Property Court, which upheld the dismissal of the company’s application to recognize its name as a commonly known trademark in Russia, court records read.

The court is to examine the appeal on March 23.

In February of 2019, the Presidium of the Russian Intellectual Property Court (IP Court) ruled a new review of the Tupolev application, seeking to recognize the status of its trademark as it found unlawful Rospatent’s refusal to do so.

The IP Court quashed all previously made respective judgements and remanded the case to the first-instance court.

Earlier the company had challenged a move of Rospatent, Russia’s patent agency, which on January 29, 2018, refused to comply with Tupolev’s demands. At that time, Rospatent stated that the documents provided by Tupolev did not contain information on intensive use of “Tupolev” name in the marking of aircraft.

Back then, Rospatent noted that from all photos provided by the company, only three planes had “Tupolev” marking and there was no way to tell how many planes with that marking were produced and utilized by the applicant.