MOSCOW, December 19 (RAPSI) – Amount of alimony debt has reached more than 100 billion rubles ($1.7 billion) in Russia, the Supreme Court has announced.

The court’s Plenum is currently preparing guidelines for judicial consideration of cases connected with alimony recovery.

The Plenum during its session on Tuesday proposed to take maintenance creditors’ financial standing into account during alimony assessment, and not to impose excessive payment charge on them.

The general rule stipulated in the Russian Family Code says that alimony must be awarded after reference to court. Alimony amount determined by court is subjected to indexation under the rules written in the Code, the Supreme Court explained. Index linking must be conducted by court bailiffs or debtors’ employing companies.

Alimentary obligations established by the Family Code are aimed to provide living conditions necessary to development, parenting and education of minor children, as well as aid to other family members requiring financial support, the Plenum’s draft decree reads.