MOSCOW, December 19 (RAPSI) – Addiction to gambling or alcohol may deprive senior parents of alimony from children, the clarification issued by the Russian Supreme Court’s board reads.

According to the court, misbehavior of family members may serve as a reason to deprive them of alimony. Aside from gambling and alcohol, other actions of this sort include drug abuse or any other behavior that goes against interests of a family, the court stated.

Family members, who commit a deliberate crime against a defendant, may also be deprived of alimony, the court added. Crimes against life, health, liberty, dignity, sexual inviolability and other rights of a defendant may serve as such reasons and must be confirmed by ruling of a court or a provision of authorities conducting preliminary investigation. The Supreme Court noted that factors such as time, type, gravity of a deliberate crime, among others, must be acknowledged during review of these cases.