MOSCOW, September 29 (RAPSI) - A magistrates’ court in Moscow has sentenced popular journalist and socialite Bozhena Rynska to 12 months of community service for beating up an NTV correspondent and damaging the television company’s property, a RAPSI correspondent reports from the courtroom.

According to the case materials, on September 11 last year, NTV correspondents were trying to get an interview from Rynska by her home on Lesnaya Street in downtown Moscow. She refused to be interviewed and, for no particular reason, assaulted one of the correspondents. She also broke a Sony camera and a Canon camera lens worth over 550,000 rubles ($13,900).

Two months later, on November 15, 2013, in the underground parking garage of her apartment building, Rynska splashed water from a plastic bottle in the face of a 62-year-old driver who did not give up a parking spot for her. She also beat him up, the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office reports.

Last Thursday, the court also heard the debates of the parties, during which the state prosecutor demanded an 80,000 ruble ($2,024) fine as punishment for Rynska. The prosecution also requested that the court sustain the claims of the plaintiffs.

The victims demanded a stricter punishment while Rynska’s defense lawyer requested that the court lift some charges and remove the description of her actions as hooliganism.

The Prosecutor General’s Office reports that, aside from 12 months of community service and a deduction of 10% of Rynska’s income to the state revenue, the court upheld the civil cases by the NTV employees for a total of 550,000 rubles ($13,900) and by the driver for 120,000 rubles ($3,036).