MOSCOW, April 4 - RAPSI. The case opened last year against Russian journalist and socialite Bozhena Rynska for insulting a police officer has been closed. The police have concluded that her actions did not pose any danger to society, Izvestia newspaper reports on Thursday.

A criminal case against Rynska was initiated for publicly insulting a police officer during an unauthorized opposition rally on December 6, 2011. She posted photos of the police officer who detained her on her LiveJournal blog and made offensive comments about him and the police in general.

If convicted, Bozhena may have faced a maximum of one year of corrective work.

"Although Bozhena Rynska's actions contain aspects which fall under the Criminal Code article on extremism and contempt of police, they were minor transgressions which did not pose any danger to the public," the newspaper writes citing a source with inside information about the investigation.

However, the newspaper further writes that a police captain destroyed the records on Rynska and was demoted to a much lower paid position as a lieutenant at a police station front office.

Rynska said the case was closed after she had signed a statement saying that she had no grievances. "I would have never accepted a money deal in this situation," the newspaper cites her as saying.