MOSCOW, March 11 - RAPSI. The defense attorney of the family of the two doctors who died in a car crash in Moscow's Leninsky Prospekt in 2010 has asked the court to have LUKOIL Vice President Anatoly Barkov undergo a lie detector test, the Trunov, Aivar and Partners law firm states on its website.

Igor Trunov has filed an appeal with the investigative agencies to check the viability of the testimonies given by Anatoly Barkov, his driver Vladimir Kartayev and his bodyguard Alexander Furman.

The pretrial investigation of the car accident has been reopened and is expected to be completed by April 5, 2013.

The reasons for reopening the case have not been reported, but the case materials were sent to the police after Moscow's Gagarinsky Court returned the case to the prosecutor's office on January 9 at the request of the prosecution and the defense.

A car accident involving a LUKOIL vice president occurred in Moscow on February 25, 2010. Renowned doctors Olga Aleksandrina, 35, and her mother-in-law, Vera Sidelnikova, 72, died in the crash.

LUKoil Vice President Anatoly Barkov sustained minor injuries. The accident sparked a public outcry because many believed the executive was responsible.

In 2010, investigators concluded that Aleksandrina was liable for the accident, but her family contested the ruling.

The investigation was reopened in July 2011 following the Constitutional Court's consideration of their application.