MOSCOW, January 14- RAPSI, Maria Petrova. Attorney Igor Trunov, representing the interests of the family of Olga Alexandrina who died in a car accident involving a Lukoil vice president, has filed a request to strip Olga Zeldina of her status as a judge, the Trunov, Aivar and Partners law firm website reads.

Zeldina considered the case at the Moscow Gagarinsky District Court before the case was re-submitted to the prosecutor's office.

The report reads that attorney Igor Trunov filed a request with the Qualification Board of Moscow Judges and the Moscow Judicial Council for undertaking disciplinary measures against Zeldina, even including stripping her of her status as a judge.

Trunov believes that the judge's action (or her inaction) is a gross and undue execution of professional obligations.

On January 9, the Gagarynsky District Court re-submitted the case to the prosecutor's office at the request of the prosecutors and the defense.
Previously, the prosecutor's office had dismissed the attorneys' motion to reconsider the case.

A car accident involving a LUKOIL vice president occurred in Moscow on February 25, 2010. Renowned doctors Vera Sidelnikova and Alexandrina died in the crash. LUKOIL Vice President Anatoly Barkov received minor injuries. The accident sparked a public outcry as many believed the executive was responsible. In 2010, investigators concluded that Alexandrina was liable for the accident. However, Alexandrina's family disputed the ruling. The investigation was reopened in July 2011 following the Constitutional Court's consideration of their application.