MOSCOW, November 8 - RAPSI. Confessed mass killer Dmitry Vinogradov, the 30-year-old Muscovite lawyer who shot six people dead, apologized in court Thursday during an arraignment hearing, pleading that he had “no other choice,” than to take on his unarmed colleagues with two assault rifles on a normal weekday morning.

The killer added that he wanted to take his own life after the massacre, but was prevented from doing so.

Investigators filed with the court to sanction Vinogradov’s arrest during the arraignment hearing in the Babushkinsky District Court of Moscow. Investigators expressed concerned that if released on bail, the defendant could tamper with crucial evidence.

The prosecutor noted that Vinogradov constitutes a significant threat and that the rampage caused a public uproar, that’s why `he should be arrested. The accused himself didn’t object to being arrested.

During the proceeding, the judge read out the testimonies of witnesses present at the scene of the crime. Vinogradov is said to have shown up at work the day of the rampage wearing a full suit of camouflage. Assuming it was part of an elaborate joke, no one raised an eyebrow at his choice of attire. His colleagues characterized Vinogradov’s personality – prior to the mass shooting – as considerate and polite.

Vinogradov looked sullen as he sat before the judge during Thursday’s hearing – his head hung low and his shoulders stooped. The atmosphere in the courtroom was devastating and full of mourning.

Five of Vinogradov’s coworkers died at the scene, and another has since passed away at the hospital.

Aleksey Kuzyukin, who was appointed by court to represent Vinogradov’s interests, claims his client to be insane.

After 40 minutes of deliberation, the judge agreed to issue a warrant for Vinogradov's arrest, thereby officially sanctioning his detention till January 6, 2013.

The case is fresh and his motives yet unknown, but insight into his mental process may be gleaned from a manifesto posted to his account on popular Russian social network VKontakte shortly before the incident. The manifesto details Vinogradov’s disgust with human society. He explores the parallels between humanity and cancer cells, explaining that both destroy everything in their paths, the path of the former being the planet. He believes that throughout the course of its existence, mankind has defied the laws of nature in its relentless quest for eternal life. In particular, this has been a slap in the face to natural selection. Thus not only have we lost sight of genetic weakness, we have encouraged its perpetuation under the guises of “humanity” and “tolerance.” In conclusion, he declares, ““I hate human society, I oppose being a part of it! I hate the senselessness of human life! I hate this very life! I see only one way to justify it: destroy as many particles of this human compost as possible….”