MOSCOW, October 26 - RAPSI. Billionaire and SMP Bank Board Chairman Arkady Rotenberg has been awarded almost 16.5 million in its lawsuit against a Russian subsidiary of Deutsche Werkstatten at the Moscow Region Odintsovsky District Court, Izvestia daily reported.

The court settled on the amount after assessing the oligarch's claims for the design and decoration work undertaken by the German company at his mansion. The Deutsche Werkstatten representatives are surprised by the unprecedented sum and believe that the customer created a number of obstacles himself.

The court found that Rotenberg signed a contract with Deutsche Werkstatten RUS in the summer of 2010. The contract stipulated interior decoration works at his home in a Moscow Region village, as well as designing and producing a range of furniture.

Izvestia states that a year later the German company began reporting on the work done, emailing updates and queries to Rotenberg's representative Sergei Pan. Later Deutsche Werkstatten RUS said that Pan did not look into a number of issues and failed to approve them within the 10-day term and also transfer funds according to their contracts. After this, the company suspended the work.

As a result, in February 2012, Rotenberg and Pan filed a request with the courts to have their contract with Deutsche Werkstatten RUS terminated. They also sought to have the company transfer them the results of their work, which was worth over 3 million, and claimed 4.4 million in unjust enrichment, as well as about 4 million in damages.

Businessman Arkady Rotenberg, 60, is 94th in the Forbes 2012 list, with a fortune of $1 billion.