ST. PETERSBURG, October 17 - RAPSI. St. Petersburg's Moskovsky District Court will send Madonna the statements of claim from the concerned individuals seeking to recover about $10.8 million in moral damages after she expressed her support for the LGBT community during her performance in St. Petersburg on August 9, the plaintiffs' representative Darya Dedova told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

At the preliminary hearing it was announced that the case materials will be translated into English and sent to Luiza Ciccone's (Madonna's real name) address indicated in the lawsuits, said Dedova.

Additionally, the court will write a letter to the fitness club owned by Madonna with a request to notify her of the trial time and venue.

In mid-August, several individuals filed a number of lawsuits against the singer and the concert organizers.

The preliminary hearing was held on October 11 and lasted for over two hours. The concert organizers, Music Industry and PMI-Media, attended the session as co-defendants.