NOVO-OGARYOVO, October 12 - RAPSI. Business rights commissioners should not lobby for businesses. They should only be allowed to protect a business's violated rights, President Vladimir Putin stated at a meeting in Novo-Ogaryovo.

The president regretted that such lobbying is common and there is a great deal to do.

"What I am absolutely sure of and have no doubt about is that the heads of the law enforcement authorities are working to decrease the number of these cases or to eliminate them altogether," noted the president.

President Vladimir Putin has appointed Business Russia NGO leader, Boris Titov, the ombudsman for entrepreneurs' rights this year. Titov is charged with safeguarding the rights of both Russian and foreign entrepreneurs.

The ombudsman can advocate business rights in court, suspend agency-level regulations upon court order and can petition the court to suspend an officials' action as an interim measure.

"All of us are interested in the efficient and practical operation of government authorities, because their jobs are vital for the so-called business climate in our country, which is critical for attracting both domestic and foreign investment," Putin added.

He has also underscored that the tools business ombudsmen use are not a substitute for a court procedure.