VLADIVOSTOK, June 25 – RAPSI. The specialization of Russian commercial courts could help solve a number of pressing issues, the Commissioner for Entrepreneurs' Rights Boris Titov believes.

President Vladimir Putin has appointed Boris Titov the ombudsman for entrepreneurs' rights last week. Titov will safeguard the rights of both Russian and foreign entrepreneurs. The ombudsman will advocate business rights in court, suspend agency-level regulations upon court order and ask the court to suspend officials' actions as an interim measure.

Titov believes Russian business people end up going abroad for business related litigation because of the Russian court system’s lack of independence and its lack of qualified business experience.

“Courts need to be independent from bribes and political pressure. Also, the problem is that the courts aren’t professional. They review a wide range of issues from medical practice to vegetable farming. But the same judge can’t know all of this, he can’t know both space law and transport law at the same time,” Titov believes.

He believes that specialized judges are the solution.

“Our goal is to do everything we can to increase the number of judges and allow each of them specialize in specific fields,” the commissioner said.