MOSCOW, June 22 - RAPSI. The parliament’s lower house will support a draft law intended to establish protection for business, said Anatoly Aksakov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Financial Markets Committee.

“We urgently need to adopt a law outlining the authority of the ombudsman for the business sector. I think the State Duma will be fully in favor of this,” Aksakov said.

The new business commissioner is expected to be given the power to represent businesses in court and apply for suspending officials’ actions and authorities’ orders.

On Thursday, President Vladimir Putin appointed Business Russia NGO leader Boris Titov ombudsman for entrepreneurs' rights.

"Following consultations with the business community, we have appointed Boris Titov the federal ombudsman," Putin said.

Titov will be responsible for protecting the rights of both Russian and foreign businessmen.

“He will be greatly welcomed by small and medium-scale businessmen who suffer most from bureaucracy. Titov is well aware of the market situation and the problems that businessmen are facing,” said Aksakov. The lawmaker is hopeful that with this new position, businesses will no longer be “bullied”.