MOSCOW, September 14 - RAPSI. The Moscow City Court has refused to recognize the trade at the Christ the Savior Cathedral as illegal, the court spokesperson told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/

Thus, the court dismissed the appeal by the Consumer Rights Protection Society, which insisted that trade on the church grounds was in violation of the law.

The cathedral was the defendant in the case.

The plaintiff said the trade in the cathedral grounds was in breach of law and asked the court to force the defendant to cease any unlawful activities. However, the court dismissed the lawsuit.

The society said a business center operates on the grounds and provides a wide range of trade services to consumers. However, the plaintiff added the trading company fails to provide requisite information, such as its name, registered office, or work schedule, which constitutes a breach of trade laws.

In turn, the defendant said no business is being undertaken within the cathedral grounds, only charitable activities through which the church receives donations from visitors.

There are no sellers there, only individuals who accept donations, added the defendant.

The Russian Orthodox Church told RIA Novosti earlier that it does not own the cathedral, but merely rents the premises.