MOSCOW, June 5 - RAPSI. The Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights has filed a motion against trading and the rendering of services on the territory of the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow. The claimants maintain that trade inside the cathedral is against legislation.

The Russian Orthodox Church said it does not own the cathedral, but only rents the space.

The Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights said it had inspected trade and services in territory of the cathedral. The inspection found that the Cathedral allegedly runs a car wash service, a tire fitting shop, a car repair service, a parking-meter zone, a canteen, a laundry and stalls and pavilions selling jewelry, souvenirs, homeware, fabrics and other goods. In addition, some areas inside the cathedral are leased for banquets and parties.

The society maintains that these activities should be regulated by public law and claims that the cathedral actually runs a business center on the territory. However, there is no information provided about the name and location of its owner.