ST. PETERSBURG, August 22 - RAPSI. The Thirteenth Commercial Court of Appeals will hear on October 4 Adidas AG's appeal of the dismissal of its trademark lawsuit against the Lenta chain store, according to a statement released by the Supreme Commercial Court.

Adidas disputes the St. Petersburg Commercial Court's decision dated June 25.

In the original lawsuit, the court brought in Intershoes company as a third party.

Intershoes is a counterfeit goods supplier based in Moscow.

Adidas seeks to prohibit the defendants from using the Adidas trademark on products sold by Lenta outlets, including on labels and packaging. The plaintiff also seeks to dispose of the counterfeit shoes and recover 2.5 million rubles ($77,732) from Lenta in compensation.

Founded in 1993, Lenta operates a network of hypermarkets. Its head office is in St. Petersburg, and it operates 40 stores in Russia. Adidas AG is the core company of the Adidas Group.