ST. PETERSBURG, March 27 - RAPSI. The St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region Commercial Court suspended until May 21 its hearing of a lawsuit filed by Adidas AG against the Lenta retail chain seeking to ban it from using the Adidas trademark to mark products sold by the retailer.

The court did not specify the reason for the postponement.

The court involved the Intershoes company, the counterfeit goods supplier located in Moscow, to act as a third party in the case.

Adidas seeks to prohibit the defendants from using the Adidas trademark on products sold at the Lenta retail chain as well as on labels, packs and documents. The plaintiff also claims to dispose of the fake shoes and to recover 2.5 million rubles ($86.350) from Lenta in compensation.

Founded in 1993, the Lenta company operates the Lenta network of hypermarkets. Lenta headquarters is located in St. Petersburg. It currently runs 40 stores in Russia.

Adidas AG is the core company of the Adidas Group.