MOSCOW, June 20 – RAPSI. The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida has awarded Russian MUZ-TV channel $1.65 million in its lawsuit against the U.S. producers who failed to secure Lady Gaga's performance in Moscow.

The court handed down the final default judgment as the two defendants – businessman George Sergeev and his World Media Alliance (WMA) – failed to submit a response upon the plaintiff's request to hear the case in their absence.

The lawsuit was brought to the court on January 26.

The defendants included the NWE Talent Agency & Management Company, agent Ryan Burke, Sergeev, WMA and Vision Entertainment Worldwide.

The plaintiff maintained that NWE agreed to secure Lady Gaga's performance at a music awards ceremony. MUZ-TV then transferred the requested amount to NWE's "escrow account."

According to MUZ-TV, NWE did not start the negotiations with Lady Gaga's managers.

Although the plaintiff demanded to return the money, the defendants refused and MUZ-TV then went to court in Florida, seeking to return the funds and to recover damages.

The court has already ordered to freeze $1 million on the bank account of the firm responsible for securing Lady Gaga's performance.