MOSCOW, March 28 – RAPSI. A Russian TV company is seeking in a U.S. court a default judgment under a lawsuit submitted earlier on Lady Gaga's failed performance in Moscow.

The lawsuit was filed on January 26. According to the plaintiff's statement, the MUZ-TV channel planned to secure Lady Gaga's performance at its music awards in June in Moscow. The plaintiff first approached businessman George Sergeev who, in turn, connected it with NWE Talent Agency & Management Company agent Ryan Burke.

The plaintiff maintains that NWE agreed to secure Lady Gaga's performance for the music awards. MUZ-TV transferred the required amount to NWE's "escrow account." However, the defendant failed to secure Lady Gaga's appearance at the ceremony.

The plaintiff also asserts that NWE had never been in negotiations with Lady Gaga's managers. Although the plaintiff duly demanded to return the money, the defendants refused to do so.

Ultimately, TV Services filed a lawsuit with a U.S. court in Florida, seeking to return the funds as well as recover consequential damages since NWE failed to secure Lady Gaga's services for the required date.

Pursuant to the case documents, MUZ-TV transferred $1.65 million to the defendant.

TV Services requested the court to freeze the remaining $1.05 million on the escrow account. The court satisfied the petition.

TV Services initially sued NWE and Ryan Burke. However, the plaintiff later decided to also sue Sergeev, his World Media Alliance and the Vision Entertainment Worldwide company.

The Russian company seeks a default judgment against Sergeev and World Media Alliance, noting that they never tried to revoke the lawsuit and have not appeared in court thus far.