MOSCOW, April 11 - RAPSI. The MUZ-TV channel's operator TV Services has not yet reached an agreement with the defendants after filing a lawsuit with a U.S. court against several companies that failed to secure Lady Gaga's performance in Moscow, according to a document made available with the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/

The lawsuit was filed with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on January 26. The defendants are the NWE Talent Agency & Management Company, agent Ryan Burke, U.S. businessman George Sergeev, his World Media Alliance and Vision Entertainment Worldwide.

Both parties noted in the document that they negotiated a possible settlement, but failed to reach an agreement. The parties are still far from reaching an agreement, but they are ready to continue the talks and may later settle the dispute.

The plaintiff maintains that NWE agreed to secure Lady Gaga's performance for a music awards ceremony. MUZ-TV transferred the required amount to NWE's "escrow account." However, the defendant failed to secure Lady Gaga's appearance at the ceremony.

The plaintiff also asserts that NWE had never been in negotiations with Lady Gaga's managers. Although the plaintiff duly demanded to return the money, the defendants refused to do so.

Ultimately, TV Services filed a lawsuit with the court in Florida, seeking to return the funds as well as recover damages since NWE failed to secure Lady Gaga's services for the required date.

NWE and Vision Entertainment claim that the plaintiff also violated its contractual obligations. Particularly, it broke its commitment not to communicate with Lady Gaga's producers directly. The defendants ask the court to dismiss the lawsuit due to this violation.

The court earlier ordered to freeze $1 million on the bank account of the company responsible for securing Lady Gaga's performance.