MOSCOW, March 28 - RAPSI. The Ninth Commercial Appeals Court will consider on May 2 a complaint filed by major DVD distributor СР Digital against court decision awarding the Central Partnership Sales House $2.4 million.

The lawsuit stems from 12 contracts on the distribution of Central Partnership's films concluded by Central Partnership Sales House and CP Digital between 2007 and 2011.

According to the plaintiff, the defendant has not paid in full under the contracts. Central Partnership Sales House seeks to recover 51.3 million rubles ($1.77 million) in debt and penalties.

The Moscow Commercial Court fully satisfied the lawsuit.

CP Digital disagreed with the debt amount. It maintains that it has not received part of due interest in the films, under some of the contracts the statute of limitations have expired and the penalties have been miscalculated.

The court established that some payments were really overdue, but agreed with the plaintiff's debt and penalty calculations.

Central Partnership is Russia's largest motion picture and television product maker and distributor. It earned 294.8 million rubles ($10.1 million) from film distribution in 2011.

CP Digital was established in 2000. It is a leader on the Russian DVD market.