MOSCOW, December 13 - RAPSI. The courts shall determine in their judgments wage deductions for individuals sentenced to correctional labor, according to the judicial practice review published on the Supreme Court's website.

By law correctional labor is prescribed to the unemployed convicts and is performed in the vicinity of their places of residence. From 5 to 20 percent of their wages are deducted into the state budget. The court is obliged to determine the exact amount of wage deductions.

Earlier the Supreme Court considered an appeal against a trial court decision sentencing an individual to six-month correctional labor for trespassing on another's premises.

However, the court failed to specify the amount of deductions from the convict's wage and the Supreme Court had to remove the punishment for that offence from the sentence.

The review is a recommendation, i.e. the Supreme Court recommends the courts of common law to proceed from the same considerations in passing judgments on similar cases.