MOSCOW, December 13 - RAPSI. A judge appointed to a federal court for the first time shall be entitled to examine the unfinished cases even after his three-year tenure expires, according to the judicial practice review published on the Supreme Court's website.

The review contains an example of a judge who was appointed to his position in March 2001 began to consider a case in 2003 and passed his judgment in June 2004, when his term was over.

The convict appealed the sentence arguing that the judge had no right to do justice, but the Supreme Court's presidium has disagreed.

"A federal court judge appointed to this office for a three-year term for the first time shall execute his/her powers until the case commenced with this judge's participation is finally heard on its merits," the review reads.

The review is a recommendation, i.e. the Supreme Court recommends the courts of common law to proceed from the same considerations in passing judgments on similar cases.