Opposition activists under heavy fire over coup allegations

Left Front coordinator and opposition figurehead Sergei Udaltsov is being prosecuted as a result of the probe into the circumstances portrayed in the higly controversial "Anatomy of Protest-2" documentary. The film claims that Udaltsov and his supporters planned to stage mass riots and a coup using funding from the Georgian leadership, which is at odds with the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Profile: opposition activist Sergei Udaltsov

Sergei Udaltsov has been at the forefront of Russia’s opposition movement since before it gained popularity in December 2011. He is well-known in Russia both for his zealous advocacy for democratic reform, and for his unparalleled propensity toward getting arrested. In November 2011, Amnesty International reported that he had been arrested approximately 37 times. Since then, in light of the post-election protest movement that has taken Moscow by storm in the past year, the number of arrests has likely increased dramatically.