MOSCOW, October 15 (RAPSI) — Russia’s Rights Commissioner Tatiana Moskalkova advocates the creation of a unified data bank of victims in the territories of military conflicts. 

It is needed to create a unified database of persons, who became victims in the territories affected by military conflicts, the Ombudsman said addressing the Eurasian Women’s Forum. She called that the participants need to adopt this initiative and turn to the Red Cross in order to create an opportunity for the women so affected to receive necessary documents and so they could return to their homeland and get help.

Moskalkova also lamented that women's rights in the world are still subject to "trials, challenges and threats."

The evidence of this situation for women are kidnappings, domestic violence. A large proportion of women among refugees, internally displaced persons, people who asked for political asylum. The provision of UN Resolution No. 1325, containing a call to prevent the violation of women's rights, to support women's participation in peace negotiations and post-conflict reconstruction, unfortunately, is far from achieving its goals, the Russian Rights Commissioner noted.

At the same time, Moskalkova is confident that women can effectively participate in human rights diplomacy and resolve many issues.

The Ombudsman also said that Russia has a unique experience in implementing a national strategy for action in the interests of women.

Together with the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Russia is now implementing this program in order to teach women to be successful, the Ombudsman said, urging all states to use this initiative and join the Russian program.