MOSCOW, September 20 (RAPSI) — The Russian Civic Chamber monitors have registered no serious violations during the Parliamentary elections held on September 17 through 20, only a small part of reports of non-compliance with the "golden standard" of the monitoring process were confirmed, according to the secretary of the body Lydia Mikheyeva.

The Chamber’s hotline received 682 calls, more than 780 messages were recorded in the mobile application about the voting process. Across the country monitors reported 865 cases where situations at polling stations did not meet the requirements of the "golden standard" of observation. Public observers from regional civic chambers did not record any serious violations, Mikheyeva said during a briefing, stressing that the “golden standard” is a very strict checklist, where all requirements from legal to sanitary ones are spelled out.

As the Chamber secretary noted, out of 865 reports about failures to comply with the "golden standard", 192 were confirmed, and another 116 reports are still being checked.

Also, Mikheyeva reported that 2235 completed questionnaires were received via the mobile application. In these questionnaires, a number of facts were reported, such as violations of sanitary requirements, voting procedures or conditions for video surveillance.

Only a small part of such reports had been confirmed. The Civic Chamber promptly contacted the respective election commissions and the violations were redressed, the civic activist emphasized.

Mikheyeva also stressed that the Chamber paid special attention to the observance of the rights of citizens voting in places of detention.

Earlier, the Civic Chamber had trained more than 250,000 monitors; most of them took part in the observation process as representatives of parties, the Chamber secretary informed.

Over 100,000 people became independent public monitors; this fact is an evidence of the increased civic engagement, Mikheyeva believes.