MOSCOW, August 19 (RAPSI) — The unprecedented pressure on Russian journalists abroad must be immediately and completely stopped, the Union of Journalists of Russia has stated.

The practice of discrimination against Russian journalists and the media working in the UK, attempts to put pressure on them, are actions that have nothing to do with the principles of adherence to freedom of speech and dissemination of information declared by the British authorities, the statement reads.

The use of such means as denying Russian journalists access to official and open to the press events, far-fetched accusations of disseminating disinformation, the actual expulsion of TASS correspondent Igor Brovarnik and his colleagues in 2019 under the far-fetched pretext of not extending work visas is a direct bureaucratic and political interference in professional journalism, what leads to an escalation of tension and mutual mistrust between peoples and countries, the Union stresses.

According to the national journalist union, the mirror measures taken in Russia against the British BBC journalist, similar to the actions of the British authorities, are intended to indicate to the British authorities the inadmissibility of such discriminatory practices and to revise the policy of putting pressure on Russian journalists and media.

This whole situation is a matter of regret for the Union of Journalists of Russia. We believe that Russian journalists are subjected to unjustified pressure and interference in their work, and we believe that journalism is the main element of civil diplomacy and strengthening cooperation between the audience of international media, societies and states. We stand up for the rights and freedoms of Russian journalists both in Russia and abroad, and we are confident that such unprecedented pressure on our colleagues must be immediately and completely stopped, the Union concludes.