MOSCOW, July 12 (RAPSI) — A mobile application aimed at tightening public scrutiny of parliamentary elections in September is being developed, according to the secretary of the Russian Civic Chamber Lydia Mikheyeva.

The app is expected to be ready for this year's elections. This will allow to see the picture as a whole, to know what signals are coming from all regions. The application will be coordinated with the work of election commissions, Mikheyeva said.

She also said that Situation Centers will be in operation at the Civic Chamber and throughout the country in the course of the September elections. 

The body is to run a hot line, and volunteers will be able to process all incoming information, so representatives of civic chambers could respond promptly to such signals by visiting polling stations to check the information received, Mikheyeva explained.

The Chamber Secretary reminded that last year the body was able to attract more than 520 thousand people to carry out public monitoring of the multi-day vote; the Central Election Commission assured the Chamber that this number of observers was quite enough for the purpose.

This year, the body has already concluded agreements with 30 organizations, some other are yet to join. Next week the Chamber plans to agree on partnership with political parties, she concluded.