MOSCOW, June 16 (RAPSI) — The Moscow chief state sanitary officer Elena Andreyeva, issued an ordinance introducing compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 for service workers, the press service of the capital’s mayor Sergey Sobyanin informs RAPSI. 

The mayor also issued a decree defining the mechanism and procedure for the implementation of this ordinance, which was adopted "in connection with an extremely serious epidemiological situation." The mayor's office stressed that generally vaccination remains voluntary, but service workers in this case are an exception. 

If a person works in an organization that serves an indefinite circle of people, then in an epidemic it is definitely not only that person’s own business, no matter what personal protective equipment such a person uses, the mayor said.

Compliance with the measure is to be reported in e-form via the official websites of the mayor and the Moscow government in July 1 through July 15, the statement reads.

According to the ordinance, at least 60% of employees must be vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine by July 15, and the same number of employees must receive the second dose of vaccination no later than August 15. A little less than a month is allotted to launch a unified information system about vaccinated service workers, the start of its operation is set on July 1. The Moscow health department, in turn, must determine the city's need for vaccines.