MOSCOW, February 11 (RAPSI) – The number of complaints related to online safety of children has grown by 62%, Children Rights Commissioner Anna Kuznetsova informs.

According to the Ombudsman, this spike was due to the fact that because of COVID-19 restrictions parents stayed home with their children and could pay attention to what they watch online.

Kuznetsova proposes three groups of measures aimed at finding a way to protect children from destructive content on the internet; in particular, she believes, it is necessary to wisely develop a system of regulations and restrictions.

Yet another measure envisages the necessity to develop a state program as to publication of creative and positive content overarching the present pool of information sources, as well as online and offline activities of minors.

The third group of measures encompasses work with the children already dragged in destructive groups since they could not be timely involved in positive leisure formats. Kuznetsova says a facility in the town of Tula has been established, where a team of specialists work with minors to put the end to their situation of codependency.

The Ombudsman stresses that the expert council for development of positive content at her Office is ready to present its proposals with regard to the topic as well.