MOSCOW, November 3 (RAPSI) – In the last six years violations of rights of Russian journalists abroad have grown into a system, a report of the Civic Chamber of Russia reads

According to the First Deputy Chair of Russia’s Civic Chamber Commission on Development of the Information Community Alexander Malkevich, regular legal rules are disregarded. There is a real information war against Russian journalists. Twitter, YouTube and other foreign platforms block more and more publications of Russian media without reasons, he stated.

A member of the Committee for Safety and Cooperation with Public Monitoring Commissions Maria Butina in turn said that there must be a system of aid to journalists whose rights are violated abroad.

Public members proposed to empower Russia’s Justice Ministry and Prosecutor General’s Office authorized to represents Russia’s interests abroad, to protect rights of the country’s citizens or to confer these powers on the Ministry for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media. The rights advocates also pushed for tougher penalties for rights violations by media acting as foreign agents in Russia.