MOSCOW, October 29 (RAPSI) – Censoring of Russian media from foreign internet platforms violate rights of Russian nationals, First Deputy Chair of Russia’s Civic Chamber Commission on Development of the Information Community Alexander Malkevich believes.

He states it is necessary to legislatively assert Russians’ digital rights.

Earlier, the communications watchdog Roskomnadzor informed Facebook, Google and Twitter that a Moscow court had recognized restriction of access to Beslan documentary by Alexander Rogatkin as a censure action and repeatedly asked to stop this policy against Russian media.

Foreign internet platforms intentionally infringe upon interests of Russian people, biasedly moderate user content and censor Russian media, Malkevich said on Thursday.

Amendments to the internet regulation legislation are necessary to protect the rights of Russian citizens and provide them with safe and comfortable online environment, he noted.

According to Roskomnadzor, as of today, foreign internet companies blocked content of neary 20 Russian media.