MOSCOW, September 29 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Rights Commissioner Tatiana Moskalkova urges her colleagues, Ombudsmen of Azerbaijan and Armenia, to recommend their respective governments to show restraint and take all necessary measures to settle their problems not by force of arms, but through dialogue and negotiations in order to stabilize the current situation, according to the Russian Ombudsman’s statement.

News of the slain and wounded, among them civilians, who fell victim to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, causes deep sorrow and stirs up sympathy to their relatives and friends. Since the day the UN was established we have many times were witnesses of interstate conflicts, and every time such conflicts resulted in massive human rights violations, human misery and destruction. On the 75th anniversary of the organization we are particularly aware of this fact and hope that the parties will make every effort to prevent any further violation of UN principles and basic human rights and liberties, first of all, the right to life, Moskalkova writes.

The Rights Commissioner expresses hope that commitment to the principles of humanity and the international legal mechanisms in place will permit to prevent violence and protect basic human rights; at the same time, her Office is ready to provide aid to anybody getting in difficult circumstances because of this conflict, Moskalkova notes.