MOSCOW, September 3 (RAPSI) – Members of the staff of Russia’s Children Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova have revealed certain problems as to the protection of rights of minors living in Crimea orphan homes, according to a statement of the Rights Commissioner’s press service on Thursday.

In particular, there were registered violations of the minors’ rights as to medical assistance, health care, as well as numerous cases where their property rights were not respected, the statement reads.

The inspection was launched in cooperation with medics from Moscow, prosecutors, officials of the regional ministries of Health Care, Education, and Social Protection.

Among the most pressing problems, rights activists cite the lack of specialized foods resulting in malnourishment of children; bureaucratic barriers as to transfer of children among orphanages; inadequate medical assistance to children with disabilities; and underperformance of the bailiff service as to ensuring that children living in residential facilities are provided parental support they are entitled to.

In order to settle these problems, a special working group has been established in the Crimea; the results of the inspection are to be reported to the regional authorities, Kuznetsova says.