MOSCOW, July 31 (RAPSI) – The Moscow City Court had again dismissed a claim for a 2.1 billion rubles (about $28 million) compensation filed by relatives of victims of the TU-154 military plane crash near Sochi in December 2016, which resulted in death of over 90 people, lawyer Igor Trunov told RAPSI.

The ruling is to be again challenged in cassation, the lawyer said.

This January, the Second Cassation Court of General Jurisdiction on Monday ordered reconsideration of the case after the relatives had been denied compensations by several instances.

The plane, which was carrying out a planned flight to Syria with 8 crew members and 84 passengers on board including journalists, musicians from the famous Alexandrov military ensemble and Elizaveta Glinka, widely known as Doctor Liza, the Fair Aid charity executive director and the inaugural winner of Russia's state prize for achievements in human rights, crashed into the Black Sea on December 25, 2016. The aircraft refueled at Adler’s airport and shortly after disappeared from radars. No one survived in the crash.