MOSCOW, May 12 (RAPSI) – A member of the Presidential Council for Human Rights and Chair of the Russian Union of Journalists Vladimir Solovyev states it necessary to include mass media in the list of industries seriously suffered from the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, Solovyev submitted the research of problems mass media faced during the COVID-19 outbreak. Over 560 media outlets from 85 regions took part in the research with 66.4% print media among them, the press service of the human rights body reports.

According to Solovyev, 37.5% respondents claimed decrease in broadcast and printing; nearly one third of all editors’ offices were to lower salaries while 19.2% reduced their staff. In 18.4% media outlets over 20% employees lost their jobs; 38.4% lowered wages more than by 20%, the report reads.

Moreover, advertising incomes of mass media also decreased much, according to the research authors.

Only 13.9% of media outlets reseived support from regional authorities including financing, subsidies, grants and release of rental payment and reduce of tax burden.

Solovyev insists that the research results confirm the need for adding mass media to the list of industries suffered from the pandemic.