MOSCOW, February 11 (RAPSI) – The Standing Commission of the Presidential Council for Human Rights for economic rights and freedoms is planning to analyze the reasons behind failures of state bodies to implement Russia’s President’s instructions, the Council’s press-service informs on Tuesday.

The Commission is also to study the situation as to the implementation of a Constitutional provision guaranteeing the right to freely use citizens’ abilities and property to carry out entrepreneurial and economic activities, the statement reads.

According to the Commission Chair Igor Yurgens, the body is to analyze what percentage of President’s instructions concerning human rights and the development of civil society has not been implemented or improperly implemented over the last few years in order to assess the scale of the problem and if necessary propose measures needed to improve the situation.

Among the Commission’s priorities are also evaluation of the situation concerning implementation of citizens’ rights to carry out entrepreneurial and economic activities, financial awareness of the population, protection of property rights and the rights of citizens within corporations.