MOSCOW, September 10 (RAPSI) – Facts of foreign interference in elections were revealed on the back of the single voting day held in Russia on September 8, according to the press service of the country’s Civic Chamber’s humanitarian cooperation commission.

The commission members are going to request the UN Secretary General to give a public appraisal of the situation, the statement reads.

Certain foreign media, namely German Deutsche Welle, American Radio Free Europe, BBC and Latvian Meduza put a biased spin on the election process in Russia, the commission’s chair Yelena Sutormina stated. They had an aim to create a negative environment in relation to the election; 90% of their publications contained information on the alleged violations and there was lack of information containing refutation by the Central Election Commission, she added.

Moreover, she reminded that, according to the Russian communications watchdog, Google and Facebook distributed political ads during the campaign silence. These facts should be also considered as foreign election meddling, according to Sutormina.