MOSCOW, February 26 (RAPSI) – The Intellectual Property Court (IP Court) has upheld a ruling of Russia’s Patent Agency (Rospatent) cancelling the legal protection of Korean company BullsOne Co., Ltd. trademark on demand of Red Bull GmbH, according to court records.

The Korean company challenged the Rospatent decision of July 25, 2018. At that time the patent watchdog invalidated the legal protection of the trademark depicting a red bull, which was registered by the International Bureau of World Intellectual Property Organization in 2011, saying it misguided consumer as to the origin of the company’s products.

The Rospatent ruled that Red Bull energy drinks trademark was protected in Russia, and although Red Bull GmbH and BullsOne used somewhat different images for non-overlapping categories of products, the Korean brand was still confusingly similar to the Austrian producer’s trademark in the eyes of consumers.