MOSCOW, October 23 (RAPSI) - EU countries complied with 78 requests by Russian prosecutors during this year, the spokesperson of Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office Alexander Kurennoy told journalists on Tuesday.

As of 2017, over 350 requests were granted including 49 by Cyprus, 33 by France and 14 by Austria and Poland each. Through this year, Cyprus fulfilled 13 letters of inquiry, France – 6, Austria – 3 and Poland - 4.

The leader of honoring the requests is Germany. German prosecution authorities complied with 55 requests in 2017, and with 52 this year.

For the first time in recent years, British authorities extradited a person charged with commission of a serious crime to Russia.

Moreover, U.S. and Canada fulfilled 46 requests filed by Russian prosecutors, the official said.

According to Kurennoy, anti-Russian sanctions policy has not influenced on legal cooperation between Russian and foreign prosecutors.