MOSCOW, April 18 (RAPSI) – Alleged assailant, who wounded prominent Russian journalist Tatyana Felgenhauer with a knife, Boris Grits, has partially pleaded guilty during the first court hearing on the matter, RAPSI correspondent reports from the courtroom.

A prosecutor in the case read out arguments for compulsory medical treatment reiterating that Grits is charged with attempted murder. According to the results of complex psychological expertise, the defendant could not comprehend reality or social danger of his actions and could not control them. Grits admitted his guilt in part and said that he did not want to commit a murder.

The defendant’s lawyer Igor Zuber told RAPSI earlier that actions of Grits should be considered as deliberately causing a grave harm to health instead of attempted murder.

According to investigators, on October 23, Grits sneaked into the Echo of Moscow radio station and stabbed his victim in neck with a knife. Felgenhauer survived the attack and was transported to a hospital, where she underwent a surgery.

Investigators believe that the alleged assailant wanted to commit kill the journalist but failed because he was stopped by the radio station’s staff.

The defendant has dual citizenship of Russia and Israel. Defense lawyers said that they would seek to transfer Grits to Israel.