MOSCOW, December 20 (RAPSI) – Prosecutors will examine judicial practice concerning criminal cases on unlawful acquisition of special equipment intended for secret obtainment of information, the spokesperson of the Prosecutor General’s Office Alexander Kurennoy told RAPSI on Wednesday.

Cases in question are classified under the Russian Criminal Code’s article on “illegal turnover of special hardware intended for private obtainment of information.” Prosecutors are expected to examine all cases belonging to the category that reached the court. Examination is to be conducted in all Russian regions.

According to media, this initiative was organized after President Vladimir Putin promised to personally look into a criminal case against farmer from the Kurgan Region charged with using “spyware”, a GPS tracking device attached to a cow. His case was classified under the abovementioned article of the Criminal Code, and he faces prison sentence of up to four years and fine of up to 200,000 rubles (about $3,400).