MOSCOW, November 9 (RAPSI) – The number of teenage suicides in the Moscow region dropped by more than one third in 2017 as compared to the last year, the press service of the regional children’s rights ombudsman Ksenia Mishonova told RAPSI on Thursday.

Among the basic motives for committing suicide by teenagers are conflicts with parents and agemates, one-way love, the statement reads.

Suicide is the last way for children to get attention of their parents, Mishonova said during a special meeting on teen suicide prevention on Thursday. Teenage suicides do not occur suddenly, the regional children’s rights commissioner added. She called parents for alertness and attention.

According to the regional children’s rights ombudsman, the system of psychological counseling in schools is to be revised.

Specialized courses on raising competence in suicide prevention have been already developed for school psychologists and teachers of the Moscow region. This program has been approved and will be offered to schools soon, Mishonova’s press service says.