MOSCOW, August 1 (RAPSI) – Russia's children's rights commissioner Anna Kuznetsova believes that the rising number of reported sexual crimes against children calls for urgent establishment of the so-called registry of pedophiles, the ombudsman’s press service announced on Tuesday.

This list will include information on all citizens responsible for committing crimes against children’s sexual inviolability. These criminals will be put under administrative supervision for the rest of their lives.

Earlier, law enforcement officers arrested a tutor of a summer camp for children in the Moscow Region after he allegedly harassed 12-year-old teenagers. Investigators found out that the alleged perpetrator had all necessary documents to get the job.

Speaking about the incident, Kuznetsova noted that the process of hiring staff for such camps must be improved to ensure children’s safety. In particular, she pointed out that aside from documents, potential candidates must have necessary experience and motivation.  Ombudsman added that final decision must also be based on results of their psychological evaluation in order to detect people with criminal and deviant inclinations.

According to the commissioner’s press service, the number of reported sexual crimes against children in Russia is on rise in the last five years. Last year, 12,353 child abuse cases were registered in Russia compared to 8,825 cases in 2012.